An effective document management solution can help you achieve greater productivity, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Today, more than ever before, banks are facing increasingly greater challenges in a highly competitive and regulated financial landscape. Banks must continually measure and increase their operational efficiencies, address persistent cyber-security risks, meet changing regulatory, compliance, audit and record retention requirements and regularly assess evolving technologies to support and satisfy consumer and customer expectations.

Banks that implement a document management and imaging solution as part of their core systems and processes gain the important benefits of greater operational efficiency and productivity, combined with reduced costs, enhanced knowledge management, up-to-date compliance, increased security, greater accountability and most importantly, improved internal and external customer satisfaction.

We are a leading provider of document management and imaging solutions to banks and other financial services businesses. Our solutions generate significant efficiencies and increase profits throughout a bank’s operations including but not limited to: mortgage, consumer and business/commercial lending, wealth management, investments and insurance, policies and procedures and human resources.

Generates significant operational efficiency for any process that involves collecting, viewing, managing and storing documents. Learn more about DMDS’s features, functionality and integrated components.

Simplify and automate processes throughout every step of the mortgage lending life cycle for all lending channels and servicing your portfolio. With over 17 years of experience, our team has a proven track record.

Create a competitive advantage across your commercial and multifamily lending divisions, and leverage DMDS to simplify and automate processes throughout every step of your lending life cycles.

Simplify and automate inefficient business processes that are mired in paper or poorly managed with another document management solution.

Secure & Compliant

Multi-layered security and rule-based access control enable you to grant file level and document level access to specific users throughout various stages of your business process. Audit logs track all actions at both document and file levels.

We've partnered with DocuSign to automatically import eSigned documents (including the Certificate of Completion) into our Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS).

Using our web services API, data services utility and push notification system, our team will develop and integrate DMDS with your current systems.