An effective document management solution can help you achieve greater operational efficiency, reduce costs and increase client satisfaction.

Independent insurance agents need to stay on the cutting edge of technology to attract and retain new clients, including millennials, who need rental, property, auto or other insurance coverage for the first time. When agents grow their business through acquisition, they are often faced with copious boxes of paper client files that need to be moved, organized, and managed.

Let us help you streamline the collection of documents from your new and existing clients; scan, index and archive paper client files generated by agencies you are acquiring and integrate DMDS with your existing insurance agency software systems.

Designed to streamline the collection, identification and organization of your documents and files, and enable you to efficiently manage your processes.

A single point of access for your clients to upload and download documents and files, and for you to present information to them. Our team will customize a portal with your brand, logo and identity so your clients can associate it with your agency.

We've partnered with DocuSign to automatically import eSigned documents (including the Certificate of Completion) into our Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS).

Secure & Compliant

Multi-layered security and rule-based access control enable you to grant file level and document level access to specific users throughout various stages of your business process. Audit logs track all actions at both document and file levels.

Using our web services API, data services utility and push notification system, our team will develop and integrate DMDS with your current insurance software system.