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State Housing Finance Agencies Maximizing Benefits of Document Management Technology

State Housing Finance Agencies Maximizing Benefits of Document Management Technology By Cy Brinn Over the last decade, residential mortgage lenders and aggregators have capitalized on the benefits and efficiency gains provided by document management technology. Not to be outdone, many state housing finance agencies (HFAs) have begun to deploy the…
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CIO Solutions magazine: 25 Document Management System Solutions Transforming Business – 2016

In an era of digitalization, document management systems (DMS) have made it possible to track, manage and securely store large volumes of documents from multiple sources. A DMS has built in version control that allows organizations to retrieve full document history, alongside the ability to improve collaboration—both internally and externally…
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People Outlook: Good Loan Officers Will be in Demand

No one really knows what mortgage employment will be like next year. The best guess seems to be modestly upward, tracking the macro economy's ongoing run-up in employment and a modest increase in hiring in the mortgage industry.
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Op-Ed: E-mortgage Technology is Good for Environment, Lenders And Brokers

The rate of adoption of e-mortgage technology would increase if lenders and brokers were required to reveal to prospective borrowers the environmental impact that originating their mortgage caused based on the number of trees destroyed, or pages of paper used to manufacture their loans.
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The Quest for Efficiency

How a Virginia-based mortgage banker is using VirPack technology to save time, money and a tremendous amount of paper.
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