DMDS Features & Functionality

An advanced, feature-rich document management solution can help you achieve greater operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase staff and customer satisfaction.

Secure Document Collection and Upload

Easy and efficient methods for document and file upload by your staff, customers and business partners.

  • Customer Portal (private label)
  • Partner Portal (private label)
  • Desktop drag and drop
  • Virtual print driver
  • Email plug-in (Outlook)
  • Web-based upload
  • Automated import module

Automated Document Recognition and Indexing

Automates document identification and indexing using an integrated OCR-based document recognition module that reduces the time it takes to manually identify documents.

Rules-based Workflow and Tasking

System-level workflow routes documents and files to designated workflow queues for review and processing, and document and file level tasking enables multiple users to perform their tasks simultaneously. A task or group of tasks can be automatically created when new files are created and documents received.


Track document statuses and manage files with customizable, rule-based checklists. Checklists are automatically created based on data and each checklist item can be associated with specific document images. Sync checklists with your current systems using VirPack's web services API and push notifications system.

On-Image Annotations, Stamps and Tags

Make permanent or temporary notes, highlights and comments at a page or document level without the hassle of printing a document and scanning it back in.

Electronic Delivery

Integrated delivery profiles support secure, image file delivery to your customers and business partners. Each delivery profile is configured to include a specific list of documents in a predefined stacking order. Multiple files can be delivered in batch or on a flow basis and pre-delivery document validation warns users that required documents are missing prior to delivery.

Customizable Views

Customize the presentation of documents to different groups of users within your operations to optimize document retrieval, viewing and approval. New and missing documents are highlighted for easy identification.

Security and Access Control

Multilayered security and rules-based access control rules enable you to grant file level and document level access to specific users throughout the various stages of your business process. Audit logs track all actions at both a document and file level.


Using our web services API, data services utility and push notification system, our team interface DMDS with your current business systems, business partner’s systems or third party service providers.