A secure, single point of access that makes it easy for your customers, business partners and staff to upload and download documents and files, and for you to present information to them.

Our integrated web portal facilitates the collection of documents and files from your customers, staff and business partners. Rule-based workflow routes uploaded documents from the Portal to designated files or workflow queues in the Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS), and notifications are sent to your internal users, managers or teams when new documents are received.

Additional features and functionality include:

  • Secure document and file upload
  • Secure document and file download
  • Present information based on the portal user
  • Document request lists
  • Status and progress bar
  • Secure messaging
  • Data display
  • Date-based task reminders
  • Email notifications
  • History of completed requests
  • Integration with external data sources or systems
  • Single sign-on operation
  • Shared credential operation
  • Integration with third party service providers
  • Private-labeled and customized with your brand, logo, and identity