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Simplified Virtual Document Management for the Lending Industry

VirPack will upgrade your existing LOS


The World Has Evolved, Why Hasn’t Your Workflow?


For over 20 years, VirPack has innovated solutions for the mortgage banking industry, filling gaps that LOS was never meant to address.


Benefits of Virtually Packaging Your Loan Files

VirPack can help you reduce manual tasking and duplication of efforts. No more single-threaded workflows or manual preparation for investors and third party/partner delivery. You can avoid high operating costs and long processing times with VirPack.

Save Time

Automate regular tasks and reduce required paper tasking

Reduce Frustration

Automatically index and split documents reducing the burden of bunched files

Meet Compliance

User-level permissions and workflows, audits and security

Stay Informed

Get status reports in real time without hunting

Increase Transparency

Gain visibility into who’s working on what

Rebalance Workload

Review and redistribute tasks to remote team members

Digitizing Operations Improves Productivity and Efficiency

VirPack has created a rapid deployment program with pre-built e-delivery templates for mortgage investors and mortgage insurer submissions.

We help by taking out the greatest challenges of onboarding new technology – the tailored fitting of technology to unique business needs in a timely to deploy manner with a quick return on investment.

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VirPack at Work

We facilitate document management, virtual file automation / workflow, and e-delivery. Our pre-configured system provides framework established with lender best practices to expedite time to value.

Quick Start Up

Rapid deployments with minimal upfront costs help deliver immediate return on investment

Easy to Use

Intuitive user-interface helps teams quickly adopt and willingly employ these new tools

VirPack delivers excellence for our Customers

We want to help make your LOS better so your business can thrive.

Key Features and Functionalities that Matter to You

VirPack allows you to gain access to all relevant files quickly. The technology is easily deployed which helps with expediting organizational adoption. You will finally be able to streamline the sharing process and digitally delegate work.

Because our solutions have been built with the user’s needs first – our goal with VirPack is to help reduce automation induced anxiety and help reduce barriers to becoming paperless.

•  24/7 access to monitor status

•  Paperless mark-up on document

•  Simplified delivery to investors and partners

•  Personalized process for document retrieval/review

•  Protected data with controllable access

“We wanted to enhance and streamline its end-to-end paperless loan process in the residential, commercial and multifamily lending operations. We selected VirPack for its robust functionality, intuitive interface and ability to integrate with our residential and commercial/multifamily loan origination systems.”

 – EVP and Chief Lending Officer of a MidAtlantic Financial Institution

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