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Create 75% more time

Use VirPack. Make your LOS better. It's that simple.

With VirPack, you'll fill the gaps your LOS was never meant to address.

Document Management

Close more loans in less time with award-winning document management capabilities.

  • Nine different methods for document and file upload
  • Automatic versioning and missing document alerts
  • Long-term, easy-access storage of loan files
  • Cloud-based, SSAE 18/SOC 1 certified hosting
  • Multi-layered security and rules-based access

Virtual File Automation

Cut cycle time from origination to closing with automated indexing, workflow, and task management.

  • Automatic indexing and document recognition
  • Cross-departmental routing to the right person
  • Integrated web portals for borrowers and TPOs
  • Configurable electronic loan checklists
  • Collaboration for shared review and processing

Flexible eDelivery

Deliver loans in bulk or on a flow basis - to multiple parties - in one click.

  • Automated post-close file creation
  • Automatic versioning and missing document alerts
  • Pre-delivery validation, including missing document notifications
  • One-click loan delivery
  • 75+ preconfigured delivery uploads & investor profiles

Designed especially for you.

Retail, Wholesale, Correspondent, Servicing, and Warehouse

Multifamily, SBA, Construction, and Real Estate Investment

Lending, Consumer, Business, Wealth Management, Investment, and Insurance


Lending, Consumer Banking, Business Banking, Investment, and Insurance

Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Contracts, Marketing, Policies, and Procedures

Have your cake and eat it, too.

VirPack makes your LOS better, so your business can thrive.


Avoid the monotonous download/upload/repeat loop

document capture with ten different upload methods

Process captured documents instantly

automatic indexing for hundreds of standard mortgage documents

Cut cycle time from origination to closing

automated workflow and collaboration tools

Eliminate off-site storage costs

secure, accessible document storage included

Deliver loans in one click

flexible eDelivery options

Stay on top of regulatory requirements

compliance becomes a virtual by-product of using the system

Deliver superior customer service

immediate access to virtual files, 24/7

Go 100% paperless

even at remote branches

Implement in weeks, not months

preconfigured methodology and proven, reliable integration

More deals. Happier customers. Empowered employees.

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