McLEAN, Virginia – May 18, 2021

VirPack is pleased to announce our latest release, VirPack 2021.1. This release focuses primarily on improving system performance through data segregation, optimized system queries, and stored procedures for an improved user experience. In addition, enhancements were made to general features based on customer feedback that improve the end-user experience. 

The release became generally available for installation effective March 13, 2021.

About VirPack

VirPack simplifies virtual document management for the lending industry by providing user-centric solutions for loan file management, e-delivery, and automated document indexing and data extraction through OCR, which significantly increases productivity and modernizes business operations. A leader in file automation and automated workflows – our solutions replace manually complex and error-prone business processes with accuracy and efficiency for resource-constrained teams. For 20 years we have served the mortgage banking and financial services industries, innovating and creating award-winning technologies and solutions that have enabled customers to gain strategic competitive advantages. For additional information, visit