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What We Do

At VirPack, we understand the Mortgage Industry

Meeting Customer Needs

We are dedicated to creating solutions that fill the gaps in loan origination software. We listen. We have built reliable solutions based on customer feedback.

We aren’t always the first to offer the latest feature on the market, but we do promise to offer you the best, customer-tested products that have proven their dependability and their worth.

We work hard to create a better mortgage experience for originators and borrowers alike.

A New Way of Working

Our solutions let originators prepare and deliver loans faster and with greater accuracy. Our rules-based workflow and tasking allow your team to work more efficiently, effectively and accurately- with less stress.

We have developed tools to automate many tasks to reduce human error and free up staff for more important things. Your team doesn’t have to be mired in paperwork; neither does your borrower.

Key Services by VirPack

VirPack’s Document Management, Virtual File Automation, and Flexible eDelivery allow you to fill the gaps your LOS was never designed to address.


Document Management | Close loans faster with award-winning document management capabilities.

Virtual File Automation | Cut cycle time from origination to closing with automated indexing, workflow, and task management.

Flexible eDelivery | Deliver loans in bulk or on a flow basis – to multiple parties – in one click.

Our History and Our Future

At VirPack, we’ve been providing document management and imaging solutions since 1998. As we have grown, our mission has increased to find ways we can help to transform lending operations. We help transform businesses through technology that empowers our customers’ success; such as virtual document management, workflow and file automation, and e-delivery.

Our team embodies this mission by delivering innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs with first-class service.

We serve residential lenders, commercial lenders, banks, credit unions, HFAs and any other paper-intensive industry that involves collecting, viewing, managing and storing documents.

VirPack Senior Leadership

Michael J. Coar, Jr.

Michael J. Coar, Jr.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Michael J. Coar Jr., is the chief executive officer of VirPack, the company he founded in 1998. Michael is a 30+ year veteran in systems integration, software development and document management.

Prior to starting VirPack, Michael served as Fannie Mae’s director of imaging where he successfully implemented the organization’s first imaging and workflow system. His experience also includes roles in software development and engineering at Price Waterhouse, Compact Software, and Image Business Systems.

In 2015, Michael was named a Mortgage Banking All-Star by Mortgage Banking and the Mortgage Bankers Association for his work in establishing the ePackaging and eDelivery of loan files from lenders to their secondary market recipients.

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Wayland T. Pond, IV

Wayland T. Pond, IV

Chief Operating Officer

Wayland T. Pond IV is VirPack’s chief operating officer. He leads the company’s Product Management, Development, Customer Success, and Sales and Marketing teams. With almost two decades at VirPack, he has developed and honed key insights into how technology and automation can streamline the process for day-to-day operations for mortgage lenders.

Wayland has a BA from the Jepson School of Leadership Studies at the University of Richmond.

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Pamela Stahl

Pamela Stahl

Chief Technology Officer

Pamela Stahl is VirPack’s chief technology officer. She joined the VirPack team in 2016 and was promoted to CTO from Director of Product Management. She has helped innovate technologies that diversified VirPack’s product offerings and enhanced loan processes for VirPack customers throughout her tenure.

Stahl has been recognized as one of the “Top 30 women that are reshaping Financial Services FinTech today.” She has over a decade of experience in the mortgage and financial sectors.

A graduate of Virginia Tech – Stahl has worked in the mortgage industry for the past 15 years.

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What Our Customers Have to Say About VirPack

“We selected VirPack for their proven experience, advanced technology and preconfigured methodology the is based on industry best practices. The operational efficiency gains that VirPack has provided enabled us to manage increased loan volume with existing staff and generated immediate ROI.”

Jill Quinn

Chief Operating Officer, Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors

“When our company began sending imaged files to our investors, the staff had some trepidation about the conversion, but their concerns were quickly eliminated upon implementation of the VirPack system. VirPack provides excellent customer service. We have never had an issue being able to get a hold of them with any questions or concerns we may have. They are prompt and proactive in addressing our business needs. Because of the ease of use of their systems coupled with the excellent customer service they provide, we rolled out imaging to our branches well ahead of our original schedule.”

Steve Carver

Chief Financial Officer

“VirPack’s Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS) is a fully-functional and technically sound application that has allowed us to go paperless and deliver to our lenders in a more standard format, which ultimately has decreased our funding times and helped us turn our warehouse lines more quickly. And, the support is excellent – timely and accurate! If you are a mortgage lender planning to go paperless, VirPack’s DMDS is the solution!”

President and CEO | Independent Mortgage Banker

“We required a solution that could interface with our loan origination system, automate the splitting and indexing of documents using OCR and expedite loan delivery to our investors and business partners. As a result of implementing VirPack’s DMDS, we have gained additional processing efficiencies and competitive advantages, all of which have helped us accelerate the growth of our mortgage business.”

Executive Vice President | Independent Mortgage Banker