Technology for Lenders

Features for Compliance & Management

Listed below are some key functionalities of the VirPack platform that help Compliance and Management.

Audit Logs

Track every change made by every user with a simple mouse click. Audit trails capture data at loan level, document level, and page level.

Loan Stage Access Controls

Enhanced role security combined with configurable business rules ensures file access is limited to parties at the appropriate loan stage.

Timely Review

Automatic delivery of files to third party quality control recipients helps ensure a timely quality review cycle.

Data Comparison Tools

Ensure file integrity at each stage of the loan process resulting in a high rate of loan saleability.

Management Reports

See the current state of the business at a glance. Create your own customized management reports with a few mouse clicks.

  • A suite of operational reports provide extensive managerial insight on productivity and volume trends.
  • Dashboard panels provide oversight of loans and tasks in progress.

Compliance Audits and Fraud Checking

Reduce unnecessary risk exposure with compliance and fraud checks that can optionally be configured to run automatically when the loan status changes.




Document Imaging

Go paperless and eliminate expensive third-party imaging systems. Convert paper documents into digital documents. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software recognizes text characters in images and converts the image into a machine-readable text document.

Web Portal

Allow originators to use a browser to start loans, track status, and upload documents to satisfy conditions.



Business rules promote workflow automation and eliminate process gaps facilitating a shorter loan cycle.

Custom Fields, Experience, and Docs

Build your own fields, screens, and document views to tailor VirPack to your organization’s needs.


Task Management Tools

Stay on track and avoid overlooking required tasks with VirPack’s task tracking and metrics.


Customizable Pipeline Views

Customize the pipeline so that each user has the pipeline views necessary for his or her job function.


Multiple User Editing

Reduce bottlenecks by allowing two or more users to process the same loan file at the same time.


Custom Reports and Dashboards

See the current state of the business at a glance. Create your own customized management reports and dashboards with a few mouse clicks.

Data Extraction

Transform digital images as well as scanned documents into, comparable data elements through automated data extraction (ADE) that extracts and structures loan file data.