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Op-Ed: E-mortgage Technology is Good for Environment, Lenders And Brokers

The rate of adoption of e-mortgage technology would increase if lenders and brokers were required to reveal to prospective borrowers the environmental impact that originating their mortgage caused based on the number of trees destroyed, or pages of paper used to manufacture their loans.
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The Quest for Efficiency

How a Virginia-based mortgage banker is using VirPack technology to save time, money and a tremendous amount of paper.
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Op-Ed: Loan File Size Increasing at ‘Alarming’ Rate

Lenders are gathering an unprecedented number of required documents to originate mortgage loans and comply with new regulatory requirements. To be sure, the regulatory environment saps efficiency and profitability at the same time that loan volumes are falling.
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Buried in Loan Docs

New VirPack research using first-quarter data show the number of pages in the average loan file soared in recent years. This trend of ballooning files threatens industry profitability.See the article Here
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With Some Lenders Hurting, Could Double-Pledging Fraud Resurface?

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