Platform Overview

Fund and Purchase More Loans

VirPack can help accelerate your digital transformation with these features and capabilities.


Secure Document Collection and Upload

Multi-modal file upload capabilities, including a portal, Outlook email plugin, and more.



Customizable, rule-based checklists sync with API and push notification system to track status and manage files.

Security and Access Control

Grant file-level and document-level access to specific users while an audit log tracks all actions.

Automated Document Recognition and Data Extraction

Integrated OCR-based document recognition speeds the process of identifying documents and accessing data.


Document Versioning and Page Tags

In-platform markups allow permanent or temporary notes, highlights, and comments within the screen.

API for 3rd Parties

API and push notification system allows your partners to integrate their current business systems with VirPack.

Rule-Based Workflow and Tasking

Workflows route docs to queues for staff review, triggering tasks individually or grouped.


eSign Integration

Securely complete contracts, approvals, and other agreements in minutes.


Secure transfer and delivery profiles for predefined stacking orders. Batch or flow. Pre-delivery validation IDs missing docs before delivery.

Accelerate Lender Operations

Work Faster with Fewer Errors

Locate, review, annotate, and sign-off on documents faster while reducing human errors, inefficiencies and paper usage. Free your team from the burden of digging through unorganized physical and virtual file cabinets.

VirPack saves time and money while increasing staff and borrower satisfaction.



VirPack leverages relationships with over 75 organizations to enable the exchange of documents across lender and investor platforms for increased efficiency.

Automate Posting

Reduce time and labor with automatic document posting.

Integrate LOS Data

Power automation through LOS data integrations.

Speed Turnaround

Reduce turn times with automated workflow and tasking.

Tailor to You

Leverage robust API to create a seamless and custom solution.

Dedicated Customer Success Team

We are here to help you.

We focus energy on your experience

We created our Customer Success Program to ensure that you have a positive user experience and are able to maximize the full functionality of our platform.

Expert Support is Available

If you ever need help with your implementation, you can rely on our team to help explain and triage issues you may run into.

Your Feedback Impacts Our Roadmap

Our staff is committed to seamlessly integrating customer feedback into new releases of our products.

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VirPack is robust and scalable. We want to help you find the right tools and solutions for your business.