Mortgage Lenders

Uncap Your Team’s Potential

With over 20 years of experience in the mortgage business, we know your unique business challenges. Customers know that they can rely on VirPack to reduce the cycle time from origination to closing by increasing production and improving operational efficiencies. This allows lenders to grow relationships and referrals, increase customer satisfaction, and attract/retain talented and reputable originators.

The automated workflow and tasking capabilities we offer increase productivity and improve originator/loan officer and customer/borrower satisfaction. They also ensure compliance, security, and access control which makes the loan experience faster, easier and better for everyone.



Secure Document Collection and Upload

Multiple file upload capabilities, including drag & drop direct to the user interface, a portal, Outlook email plugin, and more.

Rule-Based Workflow and Tasking

Workflows route docs to queues for staff review, triggering tasks individually or for teams.



Customizable, rule-based checklists sync with API and push notification to track status and manage files.


On-Image Annotations, Stamps and Tags

In-platform markups allow permanent or temporary notes, virtual signatures, highlights, and comments within the screen.

Security and Access Control

Grant file-level and document-level access to specific users while an audit log tracks all actions.

Customizable Content

Changeable views allow flexible presentation to multiple stakeholders for retrieval, view, and approval.