Have you ever stopped to think about how much simpler your workday could be if only you could streamline your workflow and reduce the wait times between hand offs? That’s something that the VirPack team considers every single day. Slowing down the constant barrage of meetings, phone calls, and emails – not to mention searches for missing documents – is not just another fantasy. With the right tools you can automate some of the day-to-day tasks that can bog you down. 

Here are 6 Ways Workflow Technology can simplify and improve your work life:


1. Gain better engagement from your team

Workflow tools make communication more efficient, both for team members that share an office, and for those employees who are geographically dispersed. Automatically generated alerts keep the team updated on projects and a good dashboard allows teams to work together as a unit.  

With the rise of remote workers dramatically increasing year over year, the idea of having everyone “on the same page” is going to be more important than ever. 

2. Establish better accountability 

A good workflow technology tool allows each task to be assigned to a specific person or team. This provides clarity and transparency for who is supposed to be working on each piece of a project. People assigned to tasks and projects are alerted to important deadlines, but if someone is unexpectedly unavailable, the rest of the team can easily see that in the dashboard and make adjustments to complete the project on time. 

A good workflow technology provides both accountability as well as flexibility for your department.

3. Reduce the time it takes to process

Workflow technology increases your productivity by reducing processing time, while also improving the quality of your services. This is a huge win for team members, managers, and clients alike. When team members can follow the progression of projects and tasks via a dashboard, they save time because they are no longer distracted by countless emails and calls about the work. 

When you reduce emails, calls, and meetings, you give your team members more time to focus on the project at hand.

4. Reduce manual labor, automate repeat tasks

Automation is another business trend that’s becoming more mainstream; automating predictable tasks and refining team collaboration dramatically improves processes. The ability to automatically route contracts, proposals, and plans to the right customer or team member saves a lot of time and frustration for all employees and keeps your business running like clockwork. 

Most importantly, it gives your team members time to devote to more strategic, innovative work. This will keep them happier, more engaged, and more innovative throughout their work.

5. Leverage better recordkeeping without the stress

The ability to view the history of a document, project or task with just the click of a button, saves time and makes your team more efficient. Good workflow technology allows you to see what is happening, and when it happened, at a glance. Having a tool that alerts you to missing files and impending deadlines automatically increases performance and efficiency. 

You’re less likely to have things “slip through the cracks” during your busy periods when you have a workflow tool to keep track of it for you.

6. Avoid failed handoffs, route documents and automate processes 

The right tool enables easy document routing. It should give you the ability to formulate rules for each step of a process and determine how work will be processed, routed, and tracked. 

Rules-based tasks like automatically generated emails that follow specific milestones will simplify the day-to-day and keep the process flowing. 

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