In today’s market, it’s crucial for every member of your team to be working as efficiently and effectively as possible. But, what are the best ways to empower them? Here are a few suggestions we’ve seen through our business and through watching our customers grow that we believe are the best way to empower productivity within your organization.


1. Build a Foundation That Fosters Productivity

A culture of empowerment, trust and accountability lays a solid foundation for a productive team and a successful enterprise. Organizations thrive when employees feel they can take initiative and think outside of the box– especially when the fear of failure is removed.

2. Unleash Your Team’s Potential

Empowered employees are dedicated, loyal and exponentially more productive than disengaged staff. Given the tools and resources necessary to successfully manage projects and tasks, employees will work toward their goals with great energy and enthusiasm.

3. Trust Your Staff

Demonstrate trust by giving employees a sense of autonomy – it’s good for business. Employees who know that you have put your faith in them come to work motivated to make an impact. Instead of punching the clock, they are incredibly productive and they work to help position the rest of the team and the company for sustained success.

4. Create a Culture of Accountability & Responsibility

Discerning managers give employees clear directions and make them responsible for accomplishing the tasks delegated to them – without micromanagement. Giving staff responsibility for goals and deliverables creates a culture of accountability. Share

5. Encourage Your Team To Take Calculated Risks

Don’t let the fear of failure hold your staff back. People learn a lot from analyzing their failures, making changes, and then trying again. When your staff doesn’t fear failure, they are more willing to try new things that lead to increases in productivity, too.

What are your best tips for empowering productivity? Connect with me on LinkedIn to comment!