If you are like most people, you create daily to-do lists, and most of these lists require more than an 8 hour workday to complete. On top of that, we are constantly distracted from the tasks that we plan to accomplish. Productivity is a balancing act of staying on-task and efficiently getting things done while taking care of all the things that pop-up over the course of a day. There are a few simple things that you can do to boost your productivity; here are three that work well for the office environment.


Shut Off Distractions 

Your smart phone, the internet, email, LinkedIn, even your productivity app can all distract you from focusing on more important tasks. Sometimes it is important to silence notifications and go dark for an hour or so. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you are not bombarded with notifications and distractors. Some leaders make a point to get to the office a few hours before everyone else, just to work in peace and quiet.



You hired smart, competent people. If they are well-equipped to handle some of the tasks on your list, delegate those tasks to them. Great leaders don’t do everything themselves, they delegate, inspire, and trust others to get work accomplished.


Toss Out Your To-Do List

Well, not completely! It is smart to schedule your day instead of simply jotting down a list of tasks. A list without a timetable or sense of prioritization, is not nearly as helpful as a daily schedule. A printed copy of your most crucial “to dos” placed on your desk each morning can make a notable difference. It also keeps your to-do list realistic. And don’t forget how good it can feel to cross it out when you’re done!

What Works For You?

These are three simple changes that can make a big impact on productivity. The real magic happens when you discover what things work for you. Examine your habits for areas that you can improve. Eliminating distractions, delegating tasks to others, and scheduling out the day are simple steps to becoming more efficient. What works for you?