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McLean, Va., Aug. 12, 2014–VirPack, a leading document management anddelivery solution provider to the residential mortgage industry, has been namedto Mortgage Technology magazine’s 2014 Top 50 Service Providers List for thethird time.

VirPack was recognized because “the document management and deliverytechnology developer launched a service ordering and delivery platform calledVirPack Partner Network that lets lenders order and receive services outside oftheir LOS,” wrote Austin Kilgore, managing editor of Mortgage Technologymagazine. “It also added enhancements to support the documentationrequirements of more steps in the origination process and created a third-partyoriginator portal.”

“VirPack is dedicated to ensuring that our clients have innovative technology thathelps them maintain and expand their competitive advantages, reduce costs,throughput, and improve loan quality. “It is gratifying to be recognized for ouraccomplishments,” said Cy Brinn, VirPack’s COO. “We specialize in documentmanagement and delivery solutions and that’s why we work closely with lendersand business partners, listen to what they need, and respond with enhancementsto VirPack’s Document Management and Delivery System that continue to addvalue to their business. Our technology innovations and our laser focus on ourcustomers ever-expanding needs led to winning this award for the third time.”

The Top 50 Service Providers made the list because they excelled in four criteriaincluding the continued advancement of technology and services, demonstrateda viable revenue model and proven value proposition, provide exceptionalcustomer service, and have a unique impact on the mortgage industry. Inaddition, the Top 50 Service Providers List recognizes vendors for theirachievements from April 2013 to March 2014. VirPack competed against almost100 companies that filled out an extensive questionnaire and were judged by theeditorial staff of Mortgage Technology magazine.

“The customer service and regulatory compliance demands placed on mortgagelenders and servicers are greater than they’ve ever been before, and the industryrelies on its technology vendors to help it meet these expectations,” said AustinKilgore, who is also the managing editor of Source Media’s Mortgage Group.”The companies named to the 2014 Top 50 Service Providers list have proventhemselves worthy of this complex and ongoing challenge.”

About VirPack

VirPack is the leading provider of document management and delivery solutions to the mortgage industry. Founded in 1998, VirPack has pioneered many industry firsts, such as the first vendor to support electronic investor loan delivery in 2004. VirPack supports more than 80 deliveries to major investors and service providers in the mortgage industry. VirPack’s award-winning technology drives the industry’s premier delivery solution and its end-to-end paperless document management platform. VirPack simplifies the loan process and creates increased efficiency, helps ensure compliance and provides significant enterprise-wide cost savings. For additional information, visit www.virpack.com.

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