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McLean, Va., January 30, 2015 — VirPack, a leading document management and delivery solution provider to the mortgage industry has been designated one of the “Best Workplaces for Commuters in 2014­2015″from The Fairfax County Department of Transportation and the National Center for Transit at the University of South Florida for meeting the National Standard of Excellence for commuters. The award recognizesVirPack for promoting energy conservation and green commuter programs, including ridesharing, transit benefits, and teleworking that reduce traffic congestion, air pollution, and provide a range of transportation options to employees.

“VirPack is extremely proud to win this award. Sustaining the environment and doing what we can to ensure cleaner air improves the quality of life for residents of Fairfax County and the surrounding area, is another way our company and employees make a positive impact on the community and the environment,” said CyBrinn, COO of VirPack. “Being commuter friendly is also beneficial for our business as it enables us to attract and retain talented staff, lowers employees cost of commuting, and improves employee productivity.”

Since opening for business almost 16 years ago, VirPack’s Document Management and Delivery System has delivered significant benefits to the environment, including the following:

  • VirPack has enabled our customers to image 448 million pages of loan documents. Using the assumption that each page would have been copied at least one time and the fact that a single tree yields an average of 8,333 pages of paper, VirPack and our customers have saved over 133,000 trees from being harvested for paper in the past 16 years. Moreover, an acre of trees absorbs an average of six tons of Carbon Dioxide gas and generates four tons of Oxygen per year, by saving 113,000 trees, VirPack and its customers have generated an incredible 645 tons of Oxygen per year and eliminated 967 tons of Carbon Dioxide gas per year.
  • Through the electronic delivery of loan documents to lenders and investors, VirPack and its customers have also eliminated hundreds of thousands of document deliveries and the corresponding vehicle emissions and fuel consumption.

About VirPack

VirPack is a leading provider of document management and delivery solutions to the mortgage industry. Founded in 1998, VirPack has pioneered many industry firsts, such as the first electronic investor loan delivery in 2004. The VirPack Document Management and Delivery System and VirPack Partner Network support more than 80 deliveries to major investors and service providers in the mortgage industry. VirPack’s platform automates the recognition and indexing of document images as well as the stacking and packaging of loan files to investors and service providers. VirPack’s award-winning technology drives the industry’s premier delivery solution and its end-to-end document management and delivery platform. VirPack simplifies the loan process and creates increased efficiency, helps ensure compliance, and provides significant enterprise-wide cost savings. For additional information, visit www.VirPack.com.

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