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Version 3.2 includes dynamic configuration options, enhanced document notification features, optimized system architecture and multi-portal support

MCLEAN, Va., August 4, 2016 – VirPack, a leading provider of document management and imaging solutions, announced today that it has launched a new version of its Originator Portal. Version 3.2 includes additional dynamic configuration options, expanded document notification capabilities, an optimized system architecture for faster document throughput, and the ability to support multiple portal instances.

“VirPack continues to focus on developing technology innovations that increase the efficiency and flexibility of collecting and managing documents at each point of a document’s life cycle,” said Cy Brinn, president of VirPack. “This Originator Portal release will provide our customers with additional competitive advantages by further reducing the time and cost of originating and delivering mortgages.”

Among the new features included in Originator Portal version 3.2 are:

More Dynamic System Configuration: The Originator Portal system now includes  additional data driven, dynamic configuration features. For example, the system can be configured to present different sets of required documents, files to download, and loan data to different participants in the loan process based on each participant’s user type. The rule-based system for auto-generation of “required documents” has been enhanced and includes additional options and expedited setup.

Enhanced Notification System: The notification subsystem has been expanded to include additional notifications about new files available for download. These include initial and reminder notifications to the Portal user, as well as alert notifications to the lender if a file has not been downloaded within a specific time parameter.

Optimized System Architecture: The underlying architecture of the Originator Portal has been significantly optimized, allowing the system to provide faster end user performance while utilizing fewer system/server resources.

Multi-Portal Support: The multi-portal support feature enables multiple Portal instances, each with its own separate configuration and branding, to be connected to the lender’s VirPack Document Management and Delivery System. Additional rule-based capabilities enable lenders to define specific products and configure document processing workflows and rules for each Portal instance, and multiple portals can be used to support channels, partnerships, brands, and other specialized business arrangements.

About VirPack
VirPack is a leading provider of document management, imaging and delivery solutions to the mortgage industry. Founded in 1998, VirPack pioneered many industry firsts, such as the first electronic investor loan delivery in 2004. The VirPack Document Management and Delivery System and VirPack Partner Network support more than 80 deliveries to investors and service providers in the mortgage industry. VirPack simplifies the loan process, increases operational efficiency, helps ensure compliance and provides significant enterprise cost savings. For additional information, visit www.virpack.com.


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