Banks recognize need to leverage document management technology to increase efficiency and profitability in all operational areas

MCLEAN, Va., October 20, 2016 – VirPack, a leading provider of document management and imaging solutions that increase the operational efficiency and profitability of financial institutions, has announced today that it is offering VirPack’s Document Management and Delivery System (DMDS) to banking institutions on an enterprise level.

DMDS is designed to automate business processes across the entire banking enterprise, including wealth management, investment services, insurance as well as residential, commercial, small business and consumer lending. DMDS also automates internal processes such as compliance, human resources, finance and accounting, legal and contract management, as well as all other internal functions that can benefit from the use of document management technology.

“VirPack’s DMDS enables banks to support the customer service expectations of millennials and baby boomers for fast, secure, internet-based banking services. It also enables banks to increase the efficiency of their internal operations,” said Cy Brinn, president of VirPack. “Our software saves time and increases profitability because it enables banks to manage document images in a far more efficient manner which generates productivity gains across the entire banking organization.”

In addition, DMDS helps ensure the security of confidential, personal financial data, and makes documents and images easier to find and act on. The customer experience is improved because banks can respond faster to requests for information or other account related follow-ups.

“Banks that deploy VirPack DMDS eliminate unnecessary steps from their processes and reduce the time it takes to complete tasks. Our system is a highly configurable, easy to use, secure platform that can generate significant efficiency, enhance performance and deliver a fast return on investment across the entire banking enterprise,” said Brinn. “Banks that use document management technology for all customer facing and internal operations can achieve cost reductions and efficiency increases that recover their investment in DMDS within the first 12 months of use. Banks that also use the workflow and task management automation that is included in our DMDS solution will generate significant additional returns on their investment.”

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