McLEAN, Virginia – March 20, 2020

VirPack is pleased to introduce our latest release, VirPack 20.1. As with each new release, VirPack strives to exceed expectations and improve the end user experience. 

20.1 features enhanced workflow tools, such as: 

Data Extraction via Workflow 

  • Work faster and with greater confidence, knowing that data can be accurately and automatically extracted following ADR. With these enhancements to ADE, extracted data can be presented alongside a document the first time a user reviews it.


Automated Document Recognition (ADR)

  • ADR enhancements now feature use of OCR technology that recognizes and categorizes over 450 mortgage documents within your workflow. This more than doubles the number of documents VirPack now recognizes. Additionally, the new ADR solution enables a streamlined view of content by allowing it to be automatically collated as a specific document group.


Expanded API and Additional Features

  • Our expanded API allows customers to harness the power of VirPack external to the user interface, enabling a reliable and resilient method of data capture from the LOS or other data sources. Customers can also seamlessly export extracted data from VirPack for use in other third party applications, such as a Loan Origination System (LOS) or a servicing system. 


VirPack continuously delivers on our promise to help customers harness the full power of VirPack to keep ahead in a competitive marketplace. For over 20 years, VirPack has innovated solutions for the mortgage banking industry, filling gaps that LOS was never meant to address. 


VirPack has been on a mission to modernize business operations and accelerate digital transformation by providing workflow automation, data management, and an integrated system that keeps employees in-platform and on-task. We are proud to have leveraged relationships with over 75 organizations to enable the exchange of documents across lender and investor platforms for increased efficiency.


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